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Attending TechEd Developers 2007 in Barcelona

Just a quick note here that I’ll be attending Microsoft TechEd Developers 2007 in Barcelona next week. I’m currently figuring out which sessions to attend, which isn’t easy. There are nearly 300 of them and unfortunately I cannot attend them all… My main focus will be SharePoint, but I plan to attend some sessions on Visual Studio 2008, LINQ and Silverlight too. And I want to see Joe Duffy IRL, since I like his blog and his book very much.

I plan to blog daily about my experiences at TechEd. However, I’ll also be doing some blogging on my company’s intranet site, so I might not make it every day.

I’m also thinking about bringing my Nikon D80 and shoot some photos of the event. I’m currently evaluating several WordPress plugins that enable the use of photo galleries on this blog. To restrict bandwidth usage for this site I’m thinking about hosting the images on my Flickr Pro account and link to them from here. Flickr Photo Album seems like the perfect plugin for the job. Anybody got some experience with other plugins?