Blurry WPF editor in Visual Studio 2008

A short post this time…

Ever wondered why Visual Studio 2008’s WPF editor shows up kinda blurry on your CRT monitor? It turns out it’s a WPF control itself (as you had probably already guessed). But did you know that this also means it makes use of ClearType, even if you haven’t got an LCD monitor hooked up? Read all about it at Todd Mancini’s blog.

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  1. Why do you still use an old-fashioned CRT monitor, Leon?

  2. I’ve tried to replace my 19″ Philips CRT monitor with an widescreen LCD monitor a couple of times. But each time I decided to return the LCD monitor to the store. All the LCD monitors I tried (the last one was a Samsung 226BW) had issues like heavy backligh bleeding, poor response times and colours that didn’t meet up to my expectations.

    I’m thinking about buying a slightly more expensive monitor (i.e. Eizo) that uses a better panel technology.

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