SharePoint 2009 Comes With Ribbon Interface?

The next version of SharePoint, aka SharePoint 2009 or Office Server 14, is scheduled for release sometime during the second half of 2009. Various blogs have already listed some of the presumed new features, like these:

  • 64-bit only
  • Silverlight UI / Web Parts
  • Better support for dealing with large lists (must-have!)
  • Groove integration

Recently I heard of a new feature that I hadn’t seen on any of these lists: SharePoint 2009’s default web interface will be using the (in)famous Ribbon interface. I was told this information comes from a SharePoint Product Manager at Microsoft, so it should be reliable.

Now I don’t really know what to think about this. I still have a love-hate relationship with the Ribbon ever since Microsoft released it with Office 2007. For basic Office usage it works very well, but for some tasks it find myself scrolling between Ribbon tabs like a madman.

On the other hand, SharePoint 2007’s UI isn’t that good either. The menus are all over the place and rather complicated, especially for first time users. Use of a Ribbon could improve on this. And considering the fact that SharePoint (i.e. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) belongs to the Office family, it makes perfect sense to give it an Office-like interface. This would definitely enhance the integrated experience.

Now that I think about it, Microsoft’s Office website has been using a Ribbon-like interface for some time now and I must admit it looks nice. Maybe that’s the exact same Ribbon that’s going to end up in SharePoint 2009? Who knows… Maybe they’ll even implement it using Silverlight, so it will respond to my mouse’s scroll wheel, so I can continue that scrolling between Ribbon tabs like a madman 😉

Update: I’ve received several e-mails from people claiming they already have the Office 14 alpha bits and they all confirm SharePoint 2009 / Office Server 14 is using the Ribbon for its menu’s.

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  1. Wow, this feature is new for me too. It might be true, because it makes much sense. Who told you this?

  2. ” I was told this information comes from a SharePoint Product Manager at Microsoft, so it should be reliable. ”

    Which product manager?

  3. @Fred: I really don’t know which PM. The person that told me could be under NDA, so I’m not going to put him into trouble.

  4. ” could be under NDA, so I’m not going to put him into trouble. ”

    So just go ahead and post it on your blog then? People like you make the baby Jesus cry 😦

  5. @Fred: Please don’t overreact. I myself am not under any NDA concerning SharePoint 2009. I don’t know if the person that told me about the ribbon is under any NDA. I was just speculating. He told it at a meeting that was attended by many more people, so if he was breaking an NDA then it was his decision. So I don’t see any reason why I cannot share this information on my blog. And don’t forget: it could very well be untrue.

  6. Using the Ribbon would be a logical choice. I like it. +1

  7. As long as the interface gets a bit prettier and easier to brand/customize, the ribbon is OK

  8. Leon,

    I could not find your email form anywhere, so leaving a message here. Please delete this for it is not related to this subject.

    I see on Andrew Connell’s blog about the content type feature deployment messing the whole content type gallery. Were you able to fix it in the production environment ? I am wondering if you can share the solution.

  9. Sounds like they’re dogfooding the ribbon..:)

  10. It is SharePoint 2010…
    And Not SharePoint 2009!!!

  11. @Hiren Patel: LOL. Ofcourse by now we know the product is named SharePoint 2010. But at the time this blog post was written by me (December 14, 2008, almost a year ago!) this wasn’t yet a known fact. Microsoft announced the new SharePoint name in April 2009 (, a few months after my blog post.

    Pretty cool to see I was the first one to announce that SharePoint 2010 has a Ribbon. And I was right!

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