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Back from the DevDays 2008

Just arrived back from my visit to the Microsoft DevDays 2008 in Amsterdam. It was a great day and I’ve attended some interesting sessions.

I’ve uploaded the photos I took to my Flickr account, so check ’em out. I’ve also uploaded a small video of the “Holland Sport” bicycle race track we had at our booth. Check it out:

It was a very tiring day and I’m going to get some sleep now. I’ll blog about some more about the DevDays later on…

Attending Microsoft DevDays 2008

Tomorrow (well… in a couple of hours actually) I’m off to Amsterdam for the Microsoft DevDays 2008. This year I’m only going to attend the first of the two days. My employer, Atos Origin, is a Platinum sponsor for the event and we’ll be there with a big booth.

At our booth you’ll be able to compete in a fun bicycle contest and perhaps win one of the six XBOX 360 consoles we are giving away! Hope to see you there. I’m scheduled for booth duty on thursday morning. Yes, that’s during David Platt‘s great keynote on “Why Software Sucks”. Fortunately I’ve already seen this one during TechEd Developers 2007 in Barcelona last year and I also own an autographed copy of his book on the topic. But still I’m going to try to sneak away from the booth for a while 🙂

As for my SharePoint interests I’m hoping to get a chance to speak with Jan Tielens and Patrick Tisseghem, who are both scheduled to speak at the event. I’ve got some burning questions about Custom Security Trimmers that I hope Patrick can answer.

Oh, and ofcourse I’ll take my digital camera and see if I can take some nice pictures of the event and post them here.