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New and *undocumented* URI Schemes for Windows Phone 8.1

As you may know I’ve been busy lately inspecting the Windows Phone 8.1 internals. Last week I discovered some new Cortana personas. Now I’ve uncovered some¬†new and, as far as I know, currently undocumented URI schemes. These can be used to launch certain apps and System Settings pages directly from within your own app using the LaunchUriAsync() method.

Here are the ones I’ve uncovered so far:

URI scheme Description
ms-battery Launches the Usage tab of the Battery Saver app.
ms-wallet Launches Wallet app.
ms-settings-camera Launches the Photos + Camera Settings app.
ms-settings-networkprofileupdate Launches the Network Profile Update app.
ms-settings-nfctransactions Launches the NFC Settings app.1
ms-settings-notifications Launches the Notifications + Actions Settings app.
ms-settings-proximity Launches the NFC Settings app.1
ms-settings-uicctoolkit Launches a SIM Applications related app. UICC appears to stand for Universal Integrated Circuit Card.2
ms-settings-workplace Launches the Workplace Settings app.

1 The URI scheme names seems to imply they lead to more specific pages within the NFC Settings app. However, during my testing they both opened the main NFC Settings page. This could be due to the fact that the phone I tested this on wasn’t fully in service (i.e. no SIM card inserted, no NFC trusted apps, etc.)

2 I didn’t insert a SIM card into my the Windows Phone 8.1 phone I was testing this with, so all I got was a page containing a ‘SIM applications aren’t available right now’ message.

Uri Scheme Tester App

Disclaimer: As these URI Schemes haven’t (yet) been publicly documented¬†by Microsoft, you probably aren’t supposed to use them. They could have been provided for internal/carrier/OEM usage or maybe they will be documented at a later date. In short: no guarantees! In fact, using these may even cause your app to be rejected from the Store.